Wood paint Materials

WASHIN specializes wood paint since 1924

We feel proud to be called like that frequently by customers.

Wooden furniture, architectural material,
and various woods of interior and exterior,
for example, an educational facility, a house, or a store.
Wood is needed different finish and performance according to such various situations.

We help users protect and keep beautiful condition of wood by providing painting most suitable for wood and suggesting the best way to paint under different circumstances.
We are ready to answer various requirements about wood painting and painting method.

For a long time, we have acquired and assumed the know-how on productdevelopment technology or the method of paint. What's more, we have strongly desired cherishing the warmth of the wood surroundings and contributing to the comfortable living environment by our eco-friendly merchandise.

We strive for provision of good products as “WASHIN is the wood painting” for years to come.

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